[NEWS] 121113 KSTAR: JYJ’s Kim Junsu, “The kiss scene left a big impression”…VIP premiere for the movie ‘Jackal is Coming’

The VIP premiere for the movie ‘Jackal is Coming’ (production: Nomad Film, director: Bae Hyung Jun, cast: Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jae Joong, Oh Dal Su, Han Sang Jin, Kim Sung Ryung) successfully took place on November 8.

▲ Photo=JYJ’s Kim Junsu-Park Yoo Chun, Lotte Entertainment

Korea’s top actors and actresses, along with various other top stars attended the VIP premiere for ‘Jackal is Coming’, rasing expecations for the movie.

▲ Photo=Kim Hyun Joong, Lotte Entertainment
▲ Photo=Flower wreath from ‘Running Man’ staff, Lotte Entertainment

A few stars who stood out in particular were the Kim Junsu and Park Yoo Chun, who attended to support fellow JYJ member Kim Jae Joong, and Lee Kwang Soo, who attended to support Song Ji Hyo. Other celebrities in attendance included Kim Hyun Joong, Park Eun Hye, Kim Sae Ron, Seol Woon Do, Tae Jin Ah, KARA’s Nicole, Choi Phillip, Jin Yi Han, Jangmi In Ae, Park Yoo Hwan, and Go Kyung Pyo.

▲ Photo=Lee Kwang Soo, Lotte Entertainment

▲ Photo=Park Eun Hye, Lotte Entertainment

After watching the movie, Park Eun Hye strong recommended it, saying, “It was really good. I hope many people watch it in theaters.”

JYJ member and rising musical actor Kim Junsu left an encouraging message stating, “I came to the movie theater for the first time in a long while and more than anything, Choi Hyun’s kiss scene left a big impression, but made me envious. I hope the movie becomes a hit.”

▲ Photo=KARA’s Nicole, Lotte Entertainment

Tae Jin Ah’s thoughts on the movie were, “Because Jae Joong is so good at acting, I was sucked into the movie. I’m very proud of him,” while KARA’s Nicole raised expectations for ‘Jackal is Coming’ with her opinion, “It was fun to see a new side of Jae Joong and Song Ji Hyo was really cool.”

▲ Picture=Song Joong Ki-Kim Jae Joong, Lotte Entertainment

On the same Song Joong Ki, who appeared at Lotte Cinema in order to give a greeting on stage for his movie ‘Wolf Boy’, displayed is close relationships with Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jae Joong with a picture.

With the attendance of numerous top stars and members of the press, the VIP premiere and media distribution successfully took place for ‘Jackal is Coming’, which is set to open in theaters on November 15 and bring a lot of excitement to its viewers.

Source: TopStarNews
Shared by: JYJ3


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