[NEWS] 121117 Song Ji Hyo & Kim Jaejoong shine at ‘Jackal is Coming’ stage greetings

The stage greetings of actors Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jaejoong for their new film ‘Jackal is Coming‘ has brought out some explosive response from the fans.

‘Jackal is Coming’ stage greetings started on November 16th and the stars are scheduled to meet the moviegoers all over the country starting with the Seoul and Gyeonggi-do area.

On the stage greetings, Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jaejoong even sang the song from the movie as requested by the fans. Kim Jaejoong, who is also a talented singer, sang ‘Healing for Myself‘ off of the OST of the film and then passed the mic to Song Ji Hyo and Song Ji Hyo was sweet and fun responding by singing as well.

The moviegoers also asked Song Ji Hyo to say some of the memorable lines from the movie and some commented, “Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jaejoong look so great together”, “I hope the movie is a daebak!”, “Song Ji Hyo looks like a beautiful doll even in a casual style” and “I wish Song Ji Hyo would come to me out of the blue too.”

Unlike at the VIP screening, both Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jaejoong appeared at stage greetings in more casual wear but the stars both shine as bright as ever showing off their talents.

‘Jackal is Coming’ is a movie about a legendary killer who kidnaps a handsome top star which premiered on November 15th to a great reception.

Image: ‘Jackal is Coming’, Osen, & NewsEN
Osen via Nate
 Kpop Fever
Shared by: JYJ3


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