[VIDEO] 121113 OBS – “Code Name: Jackal” Interview & V.I.P. Premiere

3:05 “Although a lot of stars have come to support, there were certain stars that the actors actually wanted to invite.”

3:16 Jaejoong: “I insist on Song JoogKi’s watching [my movie].” (SangJin laughs out loud)

3:20 Jaejoong: “While I, Jisung and Song JoongKi were having a meal together, we promised among ourselves “Let us attend the VIP premiere of one another’s.” in the name of friendship, because our movies’ public release dates are around the same time. After Joongki’s movie got released, I and Jisung attended the VIP premiere. However, when it was my time, both of them couldn’t attend due to their own schedules. Joongki is even having a stage greeting at the same cinema (as I am having the VIP premiere). So we exchanged bitter greetings to each other a while ago.”

4:12 Interviewer: “So, Song JoongKi will not be able to watch your movie?”

4:15 Jaejoong: “Uh… because he has to promote his own movie. hahahaha. Yes, he should. haha. So, I’m fine.”

4:22 [To. JoongKi]

Jaejoong: “I see your movie is doing well. I hope you promote your movie diligently.”

Sang Jin: “Are you happy? huh?”

Jaejoong: “Let us not promise in the name of friendship from now on. hahahaha.”

4:31 “Song JoongKi who became the object of Jackal teams’ reproach. This day, although he was not able to attend the VIP premiere due to his busy schedule, he visited the waiting room and exchanged greetings with Kim Jaejoong.”

Credit: MrCar0000
Translated by: Sofia (@126×204)
Proofread by: Nikki (@jae2thejoong)
Shared by: JYJ3


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