[NEWS] 121122 Kim Jaejoong: “The trainee period was too difficult that I broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years…”


JYJ Kim JaeJoong revealed a difficult love relationship that he had been through during his trainee period and how he broke up with her.

“Many people have been through a difficult time while they were trainees. So did I. At that time, I had someone I liked and had a relationship with but it was too difficult to maintain the relationship that we broke up.”

“We were together for about four years and eight months but as I came to Seoul to pursue my dream, we broke up. We got in contact when I debuted as ‘DongBangShinki’ but that friend told me first not to contact each other anymore. “

He then said smiling, “I thought it was okay to stay as friends with her but she didn’t seem to like that. Yet, that friend is a person in my memory. I will always remember her.”


Source: Star.mk. via Nate, @joongyi
Translated by: Mandragore of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


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