[NEWS] 121124 Kim Jaejoong: “I want to be on «Running Man»”

Due to the fact that JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is starring in «Code Name: Jackal» with Song JiHyo, recently there have been many hoping that he could appear on «Running Man», including Jaejoong himself.

Jaejoong recently expressed in an interview: “Most actors, after their movies are released, can go on entertainment/variety programs to promote. I hope that if given the opportunity, I could appear on «Running Man» with JiHyo noona. When I see the other actors working hard to promote the movie, even doing my portion, I feel very sorry and wish I could do better,” conveying his regret in not being able to appear on broadcasts.

The lawsuit between the three members of JYJ and SM Entertainment remains unresolved and as a result, JYJ are unable to go on major television music programs and variety shows.

Koala (T/N: Reporter’s name): I really want to see JYJ on television, especially on «Running Man». I have a feeling they would have great onscreen chemistry with JiHyo!

Source: Korea Star Daily
Translated by: Ceci @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ


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