[TWITTER] 121207 Jaejoong Twitter Update


[TRANS] Today a friend told me this.. [My friend said] that I look 야하게*.. Then I said, “Where in this world exists a person who has such 구수 한look?”. My face is ‘indigenous’**

*sexy in an erotic way (LOL)
**native; average countryman

Note: “구수하다” is an expression when Koreans eat foods like Doenjang Jjige (Bean Paste Stew).. ;’D And you know it’s a traditional Korean food. So here, Jaejoong meant that he looks amiable having a hometown feel.

Actually, this word is not usually used to describe a person’s face, but I’ve seen a person teasing someone’s face is “구수한” once in my life. It means his face is so Korean (in a not good way, chinky eyes + flat nose usually.. lol)[via @126×204]

Credits: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by: @The_little_pear + @126×204
Shared by: JYJ3


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