[NEWS] 121223 Kim Bada, he didn’t know who Kim Jaejoong is… but…

Kim Bada, the main vocal of Rock band ‘Art of Parties’, gave his song to another singer for the first time.
It’s Kim Jaejoong, the member of JYJ, who will make his debut next January as a solo singer, He told about it..

“I think he asked me a song for his change. Actually, I didn´t know who Kim Jaejoong is.
But I gave my song because he wanted”.

And he emphasized,

“He is the first singer who ask me a song. I give my song to everyone if he or she wants”.

Kim YoonBum, drummer of ‘Arts of Parties’ told about… “He was never expressed about it, but he likes the collaboration”.
Kim Bada gave two songs to Kim Jaejoong. He told with anticipation…

“He asked me just one but he wanted one more song after recording. I think you can meet ‘New’ Kim Jaejoong who is musically more mature”.

He praised the tense of Jaejoong’s digesting rock music…

“He was exceptional..
I was half a doubt about him because I didn’t know about him.
He was much better than expected after we recorded the 1st song.
He has the attribute to become a rocker.
After recording of 1st song, I gave him a hard-rock song, a little bit stronger than 1st one…
but he didn’t reject it. He also digested it well as the compositional intention”

And he added..

“Rock Band ‘Pia’ also joined in one or two songs as the accompanist. He really make his effort for his 1st solo album”.

There will be various rock songs in his 1st solo album. C-JES Entertainment also told…

“It’ll be different from JYJ’s music. You can feel another attraction of Kim Jaejoong”.

**For reference, Kim bada is the main vocalist of ‘Sinawe’ and ‘Art of Parties’
Pia is very famous rock band in Korea. Actually they became famous because Seo Taiji acouted them to his own label.
Now they belong to another label.. Not Seo Taiji’s..

Source: Newsis via Naver
Translated and Shared by: @theyoungestmin (pkmsue)
Shared by: JYJ3

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