[TRANS] 130126 Compilation of Tweets from Jaejoong’s “Your, My, & Mine” Concert and Fanmeeting (Day 1)


  • Singing happy bday to jj
  • He is in the cake lolllll
  • Bodyguard oppa is ready to assist jj
  • To get out of the cake lol
  • Mc is boom
  • They are bringing the msg board on stage
  • A staff told me not to use phone
  • The japanese has an audio translator so they can participate in the game~^^
  • What is the spelling of jj’s twitter name
  • But they are already winners since they got jj sign
  • Lol a fan cant spell in english so jj approached her and said oh oh oh
  • Omg he just spelled bornfreeonekiss! Perfect!!!!
  • The fan was so lucky. Jj approached her and asked her to show it. ^^
  • In ptb, what other name is used by cha muwon. Answer is muneunim
  • The white thing in his pants is a bit distracting. Lolol
  • Fan from HK got a hug from JJ coz she cant understand the question so answered wrongly
  • Who is his idol. Kang suyeon.
  • Fan from australia spelled it wrongly but they let it pass. The fans agreed
  • Jj said thank you in english
  • Always keep the faith
  • Cant understand… Jj is trying to explain english but failed lololol. It’s a long question
  • Jj is calling for mr egg to translate lol
  • JJ said “i cant speak english” in english lol. Kinda ironic haha
  • Lol he didnt tweet it lmao
  • Boom trying to speak in english but failed. Jj laughs lol.
  • He gifted a necklace to the winner
  • Omg he ‘s putting it on her!!!!!!!
  • She lays her head on his shoulder while he’s putting the necklace!!! U lucky girl!!!!
  • He got the highest score so technically he wins but he said he’s a guy so he’ll try again. He got the lowest lol.
  • Fans on stage gets a pin and the winner wants to put it in her hair haha. Lucky!!!
  • He mistakenly put junsu ‘s number on screen
  • He’s calling junsu now
  • Doesnt want to do a video call lol
  • Hahaha junsu wearing shades and rwd hoodie hahaha
  • No make up junsu lol
  • Lag!!! Hahaha js get frozen on screen
  • Will jj act these out lol
  • Brown jacket gray pants gray shirt
  • He will be acting a scene from lovers in paris and boom is asking for volunteer for the girl lol
  • Fan is soo excited to be on stage jj is laughing and amused hahaa
  • Kyaaaaaa jj is holding her shoulder
  • Jj is dragging her holding her wrist jj shouted ng.
  • Fan said jj is daebak lol
  • All the fans on stage must have saved a country in their past life lol.
  • Cooking now
  • Nipples hahaha
  • Boom was asking do u want to make it tighter haha (when he’s tying jj’s apron around his waist)
  • He’s cooking tteokboki coz it’s his members favorite
  • Tteokbogi with ramen
  • Randomly drawing 2 fans to taste jj’s cooking
  • It’s mr egg who got picked
  • Jj was like really? Daebak
  • Feeding time!!!
  • Mr egg requested to eat the egg lol
  • Jj is still eating haha. Must be hungry
  • Undisclosed photos!!!!
  • You’ve been holding out on us kim jaejoong
  • Concert starts now. Bye lol
  • Yuchun is narrating
  • Lmaooopo
  • Key takeaway from this event – NEVER EVER STOP SINGING JJ
  • I understand now why it’s called your, my, mine~^^ perfect /sigh
  • @bornfreeonekiss great job JJ~ noona is proud of you!! :)
  • You know, when JJ starts singing, everyone in my area cried lol. I tried blinking them back hahaha.
  • And it’s really quiet!!!everyone is listening ~ i love it!!!
  • He didnt sing there’s only you

@Gemini_0604 via @hellyryther

  • Just to clarify- Iwama-san, Hayato-san, Fuku-san are all there. Not to forget Mr Egg too~
  • Instead of birthday wishes, it seems there’s a lot of love confessions on the message board..LMAO
  • Wishes that JJ chose:1-Even if YC’s forehead gets narrower,I’ll still celebrate JJ’s! 2-Even if I forgotten JS’s bday,I’ll celebrate yours
  • I wanted to RT pics but there’s a lot from YJshiipers so I won’t RT any…
  • OX Quiz until 10 people left and they’ll get to go on stage for game session with JJ.
    Q1-JJ’s birthday is Jan 26th
    Q2-JJ’s blood type is O
    Q3-JJ went to the wrong voting place (OX are the name of the place)
    Q4-The first film Jaejoong filmed was Jackal
    Q5-JJ was from Hanam High School`
  • Two guys are still standing in the quiz and Mr Egg are still standing, his face was caught on screen! OMG go Mr Egg!!
  • Q: Jaejoong prefers his first born a girl… Jaejoong: YES!
  • Still standing around 30people and all of them were invited to the stage and another round of quizzes
  • How many is Jaejoong’s cell phones? 6!!!!
  • After the spelling quiz of Jaejoongie’s twitter name, there’s only 12 people love standing
  • Q-JJ tweets the most from the toilet? Those who got the wrong answers got a handshake fro JJ
  • Since BOOM couldn’t read JJ’s motto,”Always Keep The Faith”,the fan was asked to read it since she’s native and JJ said ‘Thank you’
  • When he was 19,his motto was modesty, but now his motto is ‘Always Keep The Faith’
  • The foreign fan was from Sydney, and the last fan standing was from Korea. Jaejoong put his necklace on her and took a photo together
  • 2 round of game-rock paper scissors with Jaejoong
  • JJ-Among JYJ,Yoochun is the best at kaibaibo…and Junsu is the worst.
  • The winning 3 persons are invited up to the stage and seems like one of them is a Japanese fan~
  • oops…all the three fans on stage are Koreans~ good job fans~
  • JJ called Junsu and asked to see his face in a video call,Junsu said “It’s dangerous!”now is on video call,wearing sunglasses and red hoodie
  • Jaejoong showed the audience to Junsu and he said that “Wow,a lot came to the concert!” and that he’s watching TV now
  • JUNSU!!! damn you look hot just watching
  • Jaejoong calling Junsu
  • The result of voting at the lobby 1-Lover’s in Paris-PShinYang, 2-MIBali-Jo Insung 3-SILoveU-So JiSub..But JJ had never watch all this drama
  • Jaejoog is acting out Lover’s in Paris scene with a Korean high schooler…and it was NG before and re-taking it now…LMAO
  • Jaejoong is cooking now.He said he can make jjigae well and now he’s going to make rappogi (ddokbukki+ramen)
  • It seems like as soon as Junsu picked up the call, he asked, “Hyung,you’re working hard?” lol
  • Mr Egg was chosen again and is on stage now..LMAO
  • A Japanese fan got picked and JJ is talking in Japanese..He asked, “Is it big?” lol
  • JJ is feeding and said “An~” and audience went “No~!!” so he looked to the audience, “It’s not like I like doing this,you know that right?”
  • When he took off his apron, BOOM could see his body line and said it’s magical..he said he likes JJ’s shoulder lol
  • When he took off his apron, BOOM could see his body line and said it’s magical..he said he likes JJ’s shoulder lol
  • 1 undisclosed pic-a pic from calendar shooting 2-a pic took at a bar when he was shooting for the new singer’s MV 3-A pic when he’s driving
  • 4-A pic from a 2nd floor of a cafe when he was in Busan FF..on the rooftop,a JJ’s only table was made 5-a trip in Busan with YiHan and Lee U
  • The concert is going to start soon.there’s only 5 songs in his album but he’ll be singing more than 10 songs-some undisclosed self made song
  • Yoochun’s voice message…
  • Ah~ Yoochun’s voice narrating while Jaejoong’s video is playing
  • So hilarious omgggggg
  • It’s a skit in which Jaejoong is buying Kim Jaejoong’s concert ticket…It’s a funny video and Yoochun is narrating!
  • I think i’m going deaf with the volume to the max like this.. AWESOME ONE KISS!
  • He’s dancing now? I’m not sure but now is the undisclosed dance song
  • It’s Only Love and he said he’ll be releasing the song! A Fan shouted “Jaejoong kakkoii~” and Jaejoong echoed “Jaejoong kakkoii~”
    (T/N: Kakkoii means cool/handsome in Japanese,since there’s some fans who asked about it)
  • Last song. JJ-If the subway stopped working for today, Junsu lives in Ilsan and he can give you a place to stay for the night,don’t worry
  • Encore now..JJ now in sunglasses and black jumper?
  • Words playing on the screen- I made the mini con and FM longer than usual- how was it?
  • Thanks for your encore call, I could change clothes and sing again.Thank you.The next song is the last song.It’s a song never sang before..Do you remember this outfit for the MV? I’m so happy that there’s this kind of event on my birthday. I’m so glad to have spend this long hours together. I’ worried of you getting home, but you can take a taxi to go to Junsu’s house. lol
  • I will never forget this all my life and then he said thank you in various languages


  • He came out in a birthday cake. LMAO.
  • it’s a game now
  • I have my binoculars and he has a butt, small but perky
  • gold and I kept zooming in using my binoculars @_@
  • I’m just staring at him through my binoculars
  • His black nails look awesome
  • He called out to Junsu LMAO VIDEO CALL
  • Beige jacket now
  • He’s taking ofd his jacket to put on the apron
  • Aren’t you cold, I’m wearing my jacket and it’s chilly
  • That video, when can we see it?
  • Yuchun is narrating
  • You are such a troll Kim Jaejoong
  • LMAO at this, this was what we fangirls experienced during ticket war
  • This is priceless. My favourite troll emperor.
  • Netted top. One kiss. Dead.
  • I want to stand up so much
  • This is a million times better live. OMG.
  • His voice, his voice T_T you should have done a full length concert
  • OMG. You were wasted in SM.
  • He moved his arms, his pecs were rippling. Dead.
  • He’s really an incredible singer
  • I’m torn between wanting to see what else he’s wearing and wanting him always in this netted top for the rest of the night
  • Damn you, you can really move that body.
  • Why are you so cute?
  • All alone.
  • Leather jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Dead
  • His tattoo peeking out TiiT
  • This rocker rocks. Too bad the audience are all sitting.
  • The top inside is netted too
  • That bass player… niiiice
  • This top is lowcut. Yeah!
  • His voice is still so powerful after so many songs. ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)
  • Such a tease
  • He bowed in his netted top and I’m in fangirl heaven. Give me this DVD!
  • He said thank you in many languages. Cutie.
  • MINE
  • OMG. Fierce and seeeeeeexy.


  • lol jj laughed when he saw the fans’ spelling. xD
  • MC: “when do you use SNS the most? (when do you tweet the most?” JJ: “when..? when I am in the bathroom?” HAHAHAH.
  • this fan said “pyojeong bwa~!” …I cannot see it…. T_T
  • did you…whispering to the itl fans, jae? rly…..? man…./dies in jealousy
  • the gift presented by jaejoong to the winner: a necklace…………………………………………………..D:<
  • Jaejae said Yuchun is reaaally good at playing ‘rock scissors paper’ , while Junsu always loses. hahahahah :D
  • oooh they’re playing the punching thingy. like in an arcade game. i rly dont know what its called lollll
  • MC: what r u doing right now? JS: “I’m watching TV~” MC: “oh you’re watching TV?” JS: “eung~” AHHHH
  • watching tv while wearing a sunglasses. yes, thats junsu. HAHAHA.
  • wait. are they asking jj to do some acting? hahahah. they aired Jo In Sung’s “Memories in Bali” scene ❤
  • he chose the ‘Lover in Paris’ scene.as Park Shin-yang. hahahaha
  • -Jaejoong video calling Junsu part 1-
    JJ: “Junsu-ah, can you hear me?”
    JS: “are you doing fine?”
    JJ: “eung~ I am doing fine”
    JS: “why are you video calling me?”
    JJ: “you can’t show your face?”
    JS: “no~ (whining)”
    JJ: “why cannot?”
    JS: “I am not looking good right now~”
    MC: “even if its only your ears, please show us!”
    JS: “wait for a moment, please~!”
  • -Jaejoong video calling Junsu part 2-
    JJ: “Junsu-yah, say hello!”
    JS: “hello, everyone~”
    MC: “what are you doing right now, Junsu-ssi?”
    JS: “I am watching TV!”
    MC: “You’re watching TV?”
    JS: “yes yes!”
  • eh he chose Mr.Egg to taste his rapokki~ :D
  • taking picture~
  • i am also getting exciteddddddddddddddddddddddddd.
  • even the music makes me………argh T_T /cries
  • Jaejoong is singing 김광석’s song called ‘Though I Loved You’
  • is it y2k’s song? xD
  • Jaejoong’s singing 너를위해 by Yim Jaebum.:)
  • ahh!! its naul’s song!
  • Jaejoong was singing Naul (나얼)’s 바람기억 (Memories of the Wind).
  • and then he’s singing Yim Jae-bum’s 고해 (confession) ❤
  • I rly love Yim Jae-bum’s songs actually :) his voice is so husky and i just looove it. you know what i love, jaejae! lol
  • ahh Jackal ost. hahaha
  • he said last song~
  • JJ is singing All Alone:) ) I love this song, babe.
  • lol what. he tried to do gwiyomi?!?!?!?!? /dead
  • fans asking for an encore.
  • oh oh! Jaejoong is singing Jang Yoon-jeong’s I Always thought of you:D
  • oh he’s introducing the band members :)
  • Jaejoong’s saying thank you in so many languages. lol
  • the climax. love love love. when he sings that part hajiMAAAAAA
  • awww jaejoong worrying how the fans will go home cuz its late already :’D


  • Did JJ just say he wants to have twins?!
  • Omg he did say he wants to have twins
  • They’re playing Golden Bell it seems
  • LOL one msg JJ picked from the msg board: “Even though it’s my honeymoon right now, I came to oppa’s con”
  • Haha JJ trying to explain a question in English to a foreign fan but getting stuck. He told Egg to come up stage LOL
  • JJ calling a friend on his phone
  • Junsu?!?!?!? OMG ITS JUNSU
  • Junsu just greeted everyone at JJ’s request haha
  • Junsu is watching TV right now LOL
  • JS on JJ’s phone
  • VCR of JJ’s acting side
  • JJ said he’s making rabokki (ramen + ddeokbokki) that the members love
  • JJ prepared this cooking segment because Kfans said they want to eat food he makes too after he did so at overseas FMs. Sweet JJ ❤
  • 3 fans will be picked to taste JJ’s rabokki
  • Is a skit playing? sounds like it..
  • Omg it sounds freaking amazing even live. KIM JAEJOONG
  • My Only Comfort
  • I’m gonna fall asleep if your voice keeps sounding so perfect JJ ♥♥♥
  • Perfection.
  • Oh my god JJ ♥♥
  • Ahhhh he asked everyone to sing ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • We will protect you JJ ♥
  • JJ do you plan on ending this concert at all?
  • For You – Lim Jaebum
  • Chills
  • 사랑하니까….. [Because I love you …..]
  • I LOVE JJ’s version of For you from Tokyo dome and this just blew that version out of the water. JJ is just amazing


  • Lights out!
  • Piano?
  • Birthday song^^
  • Fans singing happy birthday to Jae ^^
  • Jae coming out of a huge fake cake^^
  • Sing once more the bday song^^
  • Jae introducing himself^^
  • MC is out~
  • MC Boom said Jae has slimmed down ~
  • Jae said he’s 28 this year^^ *still young baby*
  • Jae is sporting black nails^^
  • LOL~ one of the questions asked is which polling station Jae wrongly went to
  • Another question, is Codename Jackal, Jae’s first movie?
  • Question is a multiple choice for which country Jae didn’t visit in 2012 tour.. Answer is India..
  • Question: which is not Jae’s Chinese name..
  • Jae said he can’t see the faces of fans sitting behind and wants some light^^
  • Lol~ ask what Jae thinks of himself… Ranging from very handsome to very not handsome. XD
  • Jae chose “Not handsome” <_< Silly baby!
  • You silly baby, you’re absolutely gorgeous.
  • ROFL like 99% of humans on earth. “@MegWu0312: not handsome again tsk tsk…then I have no face lol”
  • Question: which colour he likes….
  • Jae choose black! XDDDD
  • Ahjushis and ahjumas in Jae’s concert^^ XD
  • Please remember it’s a FM cum Concert & Jae has already said its divided into 3 sections. So first part is FM style.
  • He’s North & fans are south. <magnet> “@JYJ_Singapore: Everyone on stage just gravitated towards him XD”
  • Jae has 6 phones! OMO!
  • Write Jae’s twitter ID~ Of coz its @bornfreeonekiss ^^
  • Jae laughing at a fan~ ^o^
  • Jae said he thought of his twitter ID in the toilet! ROFL!
  • Sweetheart, and we all thought you got your inspiration from something awesome. XDDDD
  • Asking about Jae’s tattoos
  • Always keep the faith ~
  • Left 3 fans on the stage now
  • Baby should show his tattoos *LOL*
  • Jae’s friend translating English to a fan
  • Ah, so it’s Mr Egg^^
  • Jae kept showing “scissor” during rock, scissor, paper.
  • Jae says Su is the worse in “Rock, scissor, paper” LOL
  • And he did say Chunnie is really good at it^^
  • Jaejoong had a score of 914 on the arcade hammer game”
  • He’s now deliberately losing by hitting lightly, only 123”
  • Calling his friend?
  • Jae calls Su!!!
  • Su is on the line with Jae ^^
  • Jae video calls Su ^^
  • Jae’s asking Su to greet everyone ^^
  • Jae asked what Su is doing and he said he’s watching TV.
  • Su wearing sunglasses watching TV at home = = LOL
  • Su is sporting yellow hair???
  • Jae went off… Part 2 coming! :D
  • About to sing???
  • It’s Kim Jae Joong “acting” time.
  • Jae changed clothes^^
  • Jae will act out parts of 3 shows..
  • A lucky girl will go up the stage and act with Jae ~
  • Wow, she sounds extremely excited!
  • Lucky gal gets to hold Jae’s hand.
  • Jae prepare dobokki for the lucky fans.
  • Jae took off his jacket. The fan said he’s too thin.
  • Chef Jae^^
  • Jae says when he cooks at home and doesn’t do a good job, his mum will nag at him^^
  • LOL Mr Egg got randomly picked to taste Jae’s cooking!
  • He can kept saying the food looks good~ *Im hungry*
  • Jae said he’s hungry and ate a few bites^^
  • When Jae eats, he turns on his back and fans see his tattoo~^^
  • Jae said b4 that he refrain from eating before a performance. So I think he must be really hungry. Poor baby.
  • Showing undisclosed photos ~^^ Wanna seeeeee
  • Jae said he’ll sings some songs that he’s never sing before.
  • Jae’s gonna take pic with all of the fans~ Then he will tweet the pic^^
  • Should be ready to sing soon^^
  • Ah Chunnie narrating ^^
  • Greasy Ah chun! Lol
  • Concert starts!!!
  • OneKiss!!!
  • OMG Jae!!!
  • My only comfort ~
  • Dunno what song
  • But it doesn’t matter coz Jae’s singing it~ and it sounds really nice ~
  • Oh my~ he’s definitely Heaven sent~ gorgeous voice~
  • Saranghae Kim Jae Joong!!!!
  • Protect the boss!!
  • I mean “I’ll protect you”
  • The one and only rainbow voice -> Kim Jae Joong
  • Jae wants to sing with the fans “I’ll protect you”
  • Fans singing now ^^
  • Leading the fans to sing ^^
  • he sounds so gentle^^
  • For you!!!!!
  • OMG I love that song when he sings! “For you” !!!!
  • Wae~~~ every song he sings is so nice~~~~~
  • Last song he said ~
  • All alone ~ love it.
  • Encore time! Fans shouting his name KIM JAE JOONG
  • Kim Jae Joong! Kim Jae Joong! Kim Jae Joong! Kim Jae Joong! Kim Jae Joong! Kim Jae Joong! Kim Jae Joong! Kim Jae Joong!
  • He comes out!!!
  • Opps only piano~ he’s not out yet.
  • Out!!!!!!
  • Screams!!! He changed clothes!
  • It’s gonna be a 4 hour event!
  • Song sounds really familiar
  • ^^ “@126×204: He’s now singing “나 항상 그대를”
  • Leather jacket + sunglasses Rocker Jae!
  • Lol wae cutie sound~
  • Introducing the band^^
  • He said its Encore’s last song ~ Trolling fans again~ naughty baby
  • Jae said can’t drag for too late. If fans go back too late he’ll be worried~
  • Jae greets fans sitting at the back^^
  • Jae said “Thank You” in English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Spainish?
  • Mine!!!!!!!
  • Rocker Jae!!!!
  • That’s a 4 hour mini concert for you.
  • Jae saying his goodbye to fans^^

線香はなび via @white_faith

  • JJ: up till last year, i’ve always felt happy celebrating my birthday; but this year, because i’m feeling the woes of aging, i feel troubled!
  • Q: what does JJ think of JJ?
    2. quite handsome.
    3. handsome.
    4. not handsome.
    5. so ugly!Jae chose 4. ><
    He wanted to choose 5 but because his family is present, he decided he’d better not.
  • Question is: what is Jaejoong’s life motto?Fans wrote many different answers, but the answer JJ chose is “Always keep the faith!”Jae has explained previously that “Always keep the faith” means ‘Always keep my principles and beliefs’


  • Jaejoong you my n mine concert private photo

Live Tweets Credits: @rubypurple_fan + @Gemini_0604 + @ning225 + 線香はなび + @starsInLoveJYJ
Pictures credits: @ANGEL3JYJ + @starsInLoveJYJ
Translated by: @hellyryther + @ohmyjunsu + @bloomingxia__ + @ShadowJaeJes + @white_faith
Shared by: JYJ3

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