[TRANS] 130127 Compilation of Tweets from Jaejoong’s “Your, My, & Mine” Concert and Fanmeeting (Day 2)

JYJ3 Note: Some guests mentioned to be at the concert is not 100% confirmed


  • Omg haha licks fingers
  • He did the six giyomi at first he lick each of his fingers. But he wasnt able to finish it. Hid behind the boards lol.
  • He kissed each finger instead
  • A boy just said i love you to jj. Haha. Hugged by a long time
  • Winner gets a necklace again and JJ will put it on her. Her head is on jj shoulder kyaaaa
  • His english is like hey guys. Bye
  • YC now in video call
  • Yc is in music room
  • Omg he’s composing wohoooo
  • So niceeee
  • JJ is showing the audience to YC
  • White see thru shirt and white pants
  • Acting scene again
  • Eyebrow oppaaaaaa [YiHan]
  • He will be acting the scene with jj
  • Awww they hugged on stage
  • Showing picture of himself at his house.
  • Lmao photo instruction on how to cook haha
  • JJ said in english ‘it’s very good’ when he tasted the food.”
  • In english ‘oh yah’ haha
  • Oh la la la
  • Photo lying down half naked. Hello nipple and tat lol
  • Umma and JJ awwww



  • His score today is 918 XD
  • Today’s Yuchun video call. he’s wearing a cap
  • Changed clothes, white netted top, white pants with studs
  • I’m risking it here
  • Yihan and those pants…
  • XD
  • They are showing pictures of him in his kitchen at home today
  • Pouting
  • The soup he made
  • He said, “It’s very good.”
  • Another angle of the million followers pic
  • Pic in India
  • Topless pic
  • His body outline OMG
  • OMG
  • Damn tall ppl in front
  • Bad pic T_T
  • Adrenaline high


  • LeeU is at JJ con
  • Park brothers are there! Yoochun and Yoohwan have been spotted!!
  • Concert started! JJ is out
  • JJ’s outfits have all changed?
  • Boom mentioned the Gwiyomi act XD
  • He did up to 5!!!!!!!!!
  • Boom is guiding JJ xDDD JJ did the full gwiyomi up to 6 today!
  • Boom asked JJ what he wants to do on stage most.
    JJ answer: take clothes off O___O
  • After JJ did 6 on gwiyomi, he was so embarrassed he went behind a panel and hid xD (via @freegusl)
  • Omg sexy extension
  • Golden Bell O X game again.
    1st question: One Kiss was released on January 3rd
  • Question: Jaejoong’s underwear today black.
    Answer: X (via@freegusl)
  • Boom, I’m coming after your job
  • Questions today are hard…. XD
  • Wow they even asked how many tweets JJ has made (via @inggo_jyj)
  • Question: What day of the week is January 26th, 1986 +____+
    Answer: Sunday
  • 5 people got to go up to stage today. One of them is a young boy, like elementary school young boy
  • Question: What is JJ’s favorite food after coming back from overseas?
    Answer: Soondae soup + rice
  • The boy just said Jaejoong-ie Hyung I love you and JJ gave him a hug for a long time
  • Two fans remaining did a dance battle lol
  • After JJ hugged the boy JJ asked “Who did you come with? Is your mom coming to get you? Did your mom bring you?” Caring JJ<3 via@Lagrimas__
  • Winner got a necklace from JJ like yesterday but JJ put it on from the front today!!!!!! via @freegusl
  • Omg if JJ puts on front the front then that means it’s like she’s getting a hug from him too. So lucky
  • Infinite’s L is at JJ con too, but he’s in a back section where most people aren’t paying attention to
  • Still rock paper scissors
  • Wow apparently the Sydney fan from yesterday is on stage again via@jyjnormally
  • Sydney fan lost :(
  • 2 fans who went on stage to play rock paper scissors with JJ got to take a picture with him via @freegusl
  • Omg lucky
  • JJ is calling someone right now. Who could it be? via @jyjnormally
  • Japanese… /no clue whats going on
  • Omg I think it’s Yoochun
  • Talking about ddeokbokki from yesterday
  • What did Yoochun just say that made fans go insane?
  • Omg YC is composing right now and said he’ll let the fans there listen
  • Omg what’s going on~~~~~
  • I can’t hear what Chun is saying
  • YC said Soulmates drank together a while back.. ‘Hyung was depressed right” :( via @Lagrimas__
  • VCR?
  • It’s Mine MV
  • JJ changed. He’s in white now
  • It sounds like the acting segment again
  • Derp RT @parksheena6004 YC! … RT @XIACOLE 영통 미르끼
  • Jin Yihan on stage now cuz fans recommended him to act with JJ
  • Jin Yihan will be acting Im Soojung’s role from ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’ via @freegusl
  • Omg JJ’s voice is so sexy
  • Ohhhh JJ said he made rabokki yesterday and he went grocery shopping. He’s making something diff today it seems
  • Oh nevermind. Still rabokki!
  • JJ is going to make rabokki and he will also feed some fans a soup he made at home via @inggo_jyj
  • After he went home yesterday night, he went grocery shopping and made the soup personally. Soooo nice JJ <33333 via @Lagrimas__
  • FYI the concert ended at midnight yesterday so for JJ to go shopping and make the soup personally to bring today…. he’s just amazing ❤
  • JJ and Yihan made heart gestures to each other omg via@jyjnormally
  • EPIC Chunface RT @xiacole 영통미르끼2
  • The soup JJ brought is dwenjang soup (soy bean paste soup), but he said it’s not JUST dwenjang soup! via @inggo_jyj
  • Kim Jaejoong, marry to me (high five for those of you who know where this comes from)
  • Picture of JJ at home~ via @ANGEL3JYJ
  • If JJ made it[the soup] then it’s gotta be spicy xDD
  • Boom calling lucky fans to come up to stage T___T
  • It seems JJ made dwenjang soup with crab :3 some fans saying it smells amazing
  • the fan who tasted the soup said its salty and JJ’s expression was priceless. he said its salty cuz it was made yesterday via @jyjnormally
  • Hahahah fans who tasted JJ’s food today have opinions on the food xD Poor JJ
  • They’re still revealing JJ’s pics…. omg I want to see
  • It was a pic of JJ shirtless or JJ taking off an article of clothing o_o
  • JJ said that in the summer, when conditions are acceptable, he sleeps naked /nosebleed
  • VCR?
  • Oh, skit VCR again :) Someone PLEASE take a fancam please
  • It’s the skit VCR where JJ is trying to buy tickets to JJ concert. Yoochun narration. Same vid as yesterday
  • JUNSU is at JJ concert (via @inggo_jyj)
  • Junsu was/is sitting in B3!!!!!
  • Ah Junsu just came. As the skit was playing, Junsu came in and sat in B3, so he’s only here for the concert part. (via @inggo_jyj)
  • My only comfort
  • god his voice ❤
  • OMFG this kid ❤
  • After the high note in PTB he stops and goes “Annyeonghaseo~ I’m Jaejoong” fdlskjfkdas; cutie
  • Will be singing Jo Sungmo
  • JJ sang Jo Sungmo song just like yesterday, and he asked “Do you guys know how much I will sing today? Today I sang 3 extra words” +____+
  • He sang one line from Maze, accapella!!!
  • I swear if I hear this live, I will cry. I love JJ singing this song that much ><
  • JJ is changing up the notes as well. True artist
  • For You is just one of those songs that when JJ sings it, you feel the emotions. JS’s Can You Hear Me made me cry at his con ㅠㅠ
  • Pffft Jaejoong asked “Am I/Was that cool” and fans replied YES! Then he repeated it 2 times. Jaejoong XD
  • Introduced Junsu as a ‘very valuable guest’ ^^ JJ hyung ❤
  • A fan said Junsu is laughing ^_^ so cute
  • JJ said: Junsu said he’d def come and YC couldn’t come because he had to be on the phone with me. Junsu-yah~ Some songs are still left so it would be nice if you listened to them well~
  • Btw JJ said it with the utmost love~ He said “Our/my Junsu”~~~ 우리 준수씨 in korean ^^
  • Fans complementing Jaejoongbaragi members on their manners. They stood up to cheer for JJ but b/c they’re tall & fans behind them can’t see, they bent their knees and waists so that fans behind them can see. They stayed like that till the end of the song :)
  • Fan says Junsu closed his eyes and enjoyed the rhythm of JJ’s song ❤ (via @1224thedodotic)
  • Badass rock, ABCD song, back to badass rock
  • fans said they’re still bending down because eveyone is standing up! so nice…
  • It’s…over…….


  • Jaejoong got fans to shout “Milky color Kim Jaejoong, I love you Kim Jaejoong, MINE Daebak” at himself lollol
  • Jaejoong accidentally licked his finger while doing Kiyomi Aegyo thingy… lmao. He was so embarrassed and hid himself away x’D
  • OX Quiz: Jaejoong’s dream as a child was to become a singer – Answer: X
  • Hehe the little fanboy failed to get the correct answer :’D so Boom&JJ hugged him&asked what he wants to say. He said “I love you JJ hyeong”
  • The 2 fans remaining on stage were told to express using their body as much as they love JJ. 1 of them did Nike dance, u know what it is x’D
  • Nike Dance………. ROFLMAO
  • It’s Yuchun, yes. LOL!
  • LOL! Jin Yihan just said “Hello, this is Jin Yi Han” probably he’ll act with JJ on stage? lollol
  • Pshhhhhhh, Jin Yihan will do the girl Lim Sujeong and JJ will do So Jiseob’s part… XD
  • JJ brought his self-cooked stew from his house :’D and he took a video of himself cooking at home & will show it on the screen (f: dcjj)
  • Awww, bb cooked the stew with ingredients he bought early in the morning :’D
  • So sweeeeeeeet ❤
  • By the way, this is what people call ‘Nike Dance’ …and one of the 2 girls did this in front of Jae on stage x’D http://yfrog.com/occnehsuj
  • Oh why bb!!!!!!!!!! *dies of cuteness* pic from @ANGEL3JYJ
  • Boom the lustful… ;’D lollol (f: dcjyj)
  • Awwwwwwwwwww, bb cooked it until 2AM TT~~TT and he took a proof shot of his alarm clock. lollol
  • LMAO, bcos the fan said it’s salty, Jaejoong got sulky and said “Eat it with rice if it’s salty” xDDDDDDDDDDD\
  • Proof shot! XD holding his big alarm clock to show us “I cooked it until this time”
  • LMAO! His picture with his mom, he said “Oh.. mom didn’t put makeup. I’m sorry for her human rights” LMAO XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  • That animal isn’t a dog, but a goat that looks like a dog… :D
  • Maze :O
  • 보낼 수 없는 너 (The You I Can’t Let Go) by 더원 (The One)
  • 고해 (Confession) by Yim Jae Beom
  • Btw JJ got the audience to stand up for All Alone so all of them listened 2 him while standing,not that JJ’s frenz stood up to cheer for him
  • It’s “I Always Miss You” by Lee Sunhee.
  • RT @white_faith: The green lightstick was placed in every seat; it’s a special project for the song ‘even though i loved’ ♡


  • Keeh it’s going to start soon and fans said that LeeU and YiHan are there~ cr jeje_reico san
  • Geeeh~ Yi HaN,Lee U, Yoochun, Yoohwan…who else? star studded!!!!
  • Jaejoong is out from the back of the stage.
  • His hair is the same as yesterday,black jacket,white t&boots
  • JJ-Yesterday a lot of people celebrated my birthday with me,I’m so happy!
  • Boom:what do you want him to do today? fans:take off his clothes! LOL
  • He licked his pinky? oooh sexy! p/s:he’s wearing a blue hair extension
  • He did the six gwiyomi and kissed his last pinky,but he got embarrassed since it looks too sexy? so he hid behind the panel
  • The sequence should be the same as yesterday and now they’re playing the XO-Golden Bell with the audience
  • Jaejoong is checking his own undies? to check the colour?
  • No wonder everyone is saying today’s question is more difficult..Boom and JJ went to the backstage to check it..lmao
  • What’s the length of his leg (from waist down) the answer is 110?
  • Jaejoong said what to do~ in Japanese! “doshiyou~”
  • The little boy lost in kaibaibo to Jaejoong. He hugged him the first time and when he said “Jaejoong hyung,saranghaeyo!” JJ hugged him again
  • Yesterday’s he was wearing a black pants that had a white strap dangling near his crotch? so today he’s wearing only black..lol
  • The fan who won the kaibaibo got a brooch which he put on her hair and a pic together
  • JJ talked in Japanese:
    O-i!Thank you!!Hi~is everyone doing fine? I’m fine too!I hope you have fun and return home safely!Bye bye!
  • Yoochun’s face was too near to the video….lol Mr Park Yoo

  • YC was smiling and he wasn’t wearing any make up. JJ told him“Yesterday,it was 4 hours,today it seems it’ll be long too”
  • JJ to YC “I’ll call you again later”
  • Yoochun was smiling all throughout the video call
    Jaejoong changed and is wearing all white
  • See-through? because fans could see his back tats~
  • YiHan is on stage now
  • They’ll be acting out ‘I’m Sorry I love You’? and YiHan will do the female part of the drama
  • They talked in sageuk? kekeke I couldn’t hear it properly tho
  • Yoochun is actually using his newly renovated music room! Let us hear those songs soon ParkYoo!
  • Last night,JJ himself was hungry so after letting the fan and Mr Egg eat,he said sorry and went to the back and slurp on the ramen…lol
  • JJ wanted to ro his sleeve so he asked MC to do it and Boom as usual,had that really suspicious look on his face, the fan went kyaaa~
  • Boo tasted the the jangjjigae and he was cringing due to the spiciness but said it was delicious!
  • Jaejoong slurped on his ramen and said “Very good!”
  • The fan who got to taste his cooking got to take the balance *the remaining food* home
  • The girl who got to ate the rappokki said she needs to drink water after tasting it…i think it’s really spicy…>< Jaejoong~!
  • A Japnese fan got picked and he talked to her in Japnese and when MC asked what she said, JJ fluently interpreted for her
  • Yoochun? what what?
  • Ah~ that video! I need it uploaded onto YT CJeS!
  • Junsu came for the concert so he just came is it?
  • JJ’s skin is really sensitive. Around the area where tape was put for the ear monitor has turned red…
  • During video call with Yoochun,JJ asked “What are you doing?Making songs?” Yoochun said “Wanna hear me play?” so he played the intro
  • When YC was asked whether he’d seen the article JJ did where he said YC is a genius,YC said “I’m not a genius,I just have a lot of talent”
  • The boy said he came with his mom.MC “Papa?” “At home” JJ asked who wanted to come to the con “We both did” “Thank your mom”


  • Milky skin KimJaejoong
  • introduce MC
  • stubble J?
  • Talk YC
  • sounds effect crazy
  • 1+1 again
  • gwiyomi dda , Jaejoong gwiyomi
  • 6+6 JJ ran to hide…tsk tsk
  • gold cup …time
  • question: was dream to be a singer from young? no is be a supermarket boss
  • question: one kiss release date
  • underwear not black but gray , and BOOM ..CHECKED…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • measure his legs. how long? 95, 100, 105, 110, or 115 cm
  • answer is 110cm
  • call out
  • Japanese…
  • mine bgm ? vcr?
  • seems tonight everything go faster
  • VCR?
  • change clothe, all white
  • Paris Lover vcr then?? act again?
  • Jaejoong voice so sexy
  • rabokki again
  • salty and JJ said…eat more rice
  • more than 10 songs and 5 from album
  • the VCR could make Hightlight .? Cjes plz put it on Y2B
  • JS is here
  • RT @starsInLoveJYJ: Junsu is here for jaejoong concert warring sunglasses ^^
  • concert time
  • one kiss
  • only comfort
  • Green ocean, fanlight event F: kjj圓子
  • I will protect you
  • one more green ocean F: kjj圓子
  • MAZE~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • FOR YOU~~~~~~
  • diff again///….Rocker Jaejoong you good
  • special gift for fans is JUNSU
  • show me ballad?
  • dance music …only love
  • = =only love or all in love?
  • All alone
  • just few pics no need kick out …T.T
  • Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore
  • he is out


  • Cr baidu JJ
  • Jae’s childhood dream is to be a supermarket owner^^
  • One kiss is released on the 17th
  • Now’s the X O session like ytd^^
  • Q: Manager’s dialect? XD
  • 110! Long legs Jae baby^^
  • Apparently the new singer that Jae filmed the MV for is also there.
  • Mr Egg is still there of coz^^
  • Jae’s fan men are there~
  • Jae’s daddy and his 3 sisters are also there.
  • Ya of coz, fanboys always get all the privileged.
  • So the boy came with his mum~
  • Oh really? Nice~ “@ikkemenJJ: Oh L from infinite is there too”
  • Lucky fan boy, that was a huge hug~
  • Jae really likes showing scissors. XD rmb that if we can play against him next time^^
  • Lol it’s his soulmate~
  • Ah Chun is composing^^
  • Seems like the fans scream a lot more than yesterday 😅
  • Eh “Mine” ?
  • I think today will be shorter than yesterday.
  • Out again^^
  • Prince in white~
  • Jae said originally there’s a jacket but for the sake of fans……. XD
  • Sexy Jae~ seems like he likes V-neck clothes… Hahaha
  • LOL Yihan to act with Jae?!
  • Boom wearing the apron for Jae Via baidu JJ
  • Fans scream when boom wears the apron for Jae & he gives the fans the 😜😝😛 looks. XD
  • Kyaaa~ this is where he licks his tiny finger~ Cr tagged
  • Silly baby slept so late and woke up so early.. Must be tired~
  • Aww one kiss
  • Awesome green ocean
  • Very nice green ocean~ we are your ocean, Kim Jae Joong ~ Cr tagged
  • Ahhh Maze!!!!!
  • OMG Maze!!!
  • For you!!!!!
  • Just this “For You” is worth the ticket price ladies who are there!!
  • Oh my Jae! You awesome singer you! You sing to our souls!
  • Jae’s voice~ the rainbow voice~
  • Another nice song he’s singing.
  • Kim Jae Joong, please continue to sing. We’ll support you always~
  • Junsu laughs when Jae introduces him as a very special guest^^ Double JJ is real! LOL
  • Only love 
  • All alone^^
  • I’m saving all my love for you~ Jae ~
  • Kim Jae Joong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Louder! Kim Jae Joong !
  • He’s out!!!
  • So good~
  • Introducing the band today~
  • Baby screaming !!
  • #Mine !!!!!!!! #mine !!! Yeah!!!
  • Rock it baby!!! #Mine


  • jae videocalled yc. his face is sometimes close sometimes far from the screen.
  • yc didn’t go to the concert because he is writing songs. he wrote for 4 hours yesterday. seems like he will write longer today.
  • soju soulmates ❤
  • boom saved a nation in his previous life
  • just now: yc played a section of his new song. jae told him that in one of his interviews, he said that yc is a song writing genius.
  • yc said that he isn’t, but just that he is slightly more gifted in this aspect. /side-eye chunnie ISN’T that the SAME meaning!! lol
  • “it’s very good” lmao! #jaenglish
  • fan said the jigae is a bit salty. jae: i made this yesterday ma….
  • SEEEEEE, I COOKED TILL 2AM. #likeakid
  • junsu just walked past
  • jae took group pic: backfacing audience, stretching out his arms. everyone SCREAMED cos his top is transparent both front and back.
  • yc said he is excited over jae’s solo album. but the disappointing thing is that he failed in the minicon ticket war. ><
  • jaejoongie said he forgot the lyrics? #maze
  • jae: there is a special present for all of you today, and that is JUNSU!/everyone look towards B3/ /SU GIGGLES/ jae: junsu-ah, thank you..


  • jaejoong is doing the gwiyomi xD
  • i heard that JJ costumes are different from yesterday’s concert…? woah~
  • Q: “today’s JJ underwear color is black.O or X?”
    JJ: “X” lol.
  • the length of Jaejoong’s waist to toe..?
  • when JJ comeback from other countries, what food he’ll find first in Korea?
  • MC: “what do you want to say to Jaejoongie-hyung?”
    then the boy answered “Jaejoong hyung, I love you~” <33 so cuteee.
  • WHUTT. myungsoo is also there???? WHAAATTTTTT DDD’:
  • Seems like the fans scream a lot more than yesterday
  • lolll fanboy was shouting xD
  • aayy he’s calling yoochun :D
  • He’s video-calling Yuchun.and Yuchun is wearing a cap. :D
  • so Yuchun didnt go to Jae’s concert ))”:
  • YC played the intro part of the song he just composed.
  • talk louder yuchunah!!!!!!!!
  • they’re playing Mine MV right now~
  • JJ costume now: all white. white knitted top.

Live Tweets/Feed Credits: @rubypurple_fan + @ning225 + @freegusl + @inggo_jyj + @jyjnormally + @Lagrimas__ + @lovemickysmile + weibo + as mentioned
Pictures credits: JJ baidu + @ANGEL3JYJ + @ning225 + @XIACOLE + as tagged
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu + @126×204 + @hellyryther + @MegWu0312 + @ShadowJaeJes + @chloe6002 + @bloomingxia__
Shared by: JYJ3

JYJ3 Note: Some guests mentioned to be at the concert is not 100% confirmed


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