[HQ PICS] 130317 Kim Jaejoong’s “Your, My & Mine” Mini-Concert FM in Shanghai

 photo BFknXG9CMAA3Szs.jpg

 photo BFknfo7CAAIGh3H.jpg

 photo BFkaViECUAIarf5.jpg

 photo BFkbHT1CUAELz5J.jpg

 photo BFkiR-tCIAEXYNi_phoebe.jpg

 photo h1dpn.jpg

 photo n11rl.jpg

 photo gspyk.jpg

 photo BFkc5lwCcAEkIjM.jpg

 photo BFkhXSzCQAAX4Fs.jpg

 photo syqcpy.jpg

 photo w6qal.jpg

 photo 7ffjcd.jpg

 photo nabakd.jpg

 photo 8de28135e5dde7112c9307fca6efce1b9c1661f3.jpg

 photo BFkjmN4CIAAPHQE.jpg

 photo 29xfm.jpg

 photo 67e62ba6jw1e2t7meexrij.jpg

 photo pjqma.jpg

Credits: As tagged + JessieJiang + JENEMESIS + phoebe + kherojj + crazycat + 126002 + Yu + Baosi
 Shared By: JYJ3


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