[NEWS] 130317 Kim Jaejoong interviewed, solo artist rocking Shanghai

Press Conference of Kim Jaejoong’s Mini-Concert fanmeting in Shanghai

On March 16th, Kim Jaejoong arrived in China and rallied for his upcoming “Your, My and Mine” fanmeet and mini concert in Shanghai. This will also be the first stop in China of his tour.

Wherever Kim Jaejoong went, his popularity is very easy to see – the enthusiastic fans surrounded the entrance of the hotel in order to see their idol.

During the tour, Kim Jaejoong will perform the songs of his first solo album “I” and conduct interactive activities with the fans. The fans will be able to listen to Kim Jaejoong discloses his own stories and watch him transform into a rock singer.

“I” is the first solo album of Kim Jaejoong and it holds the music that carries his beliefs and ambition as well as the sadness and happiness he has encountered. In addition, it shows Jaejoong’s love for rock music. He stated, “This album included a lot of rock elements and is very much like a combination between angel and demon”.

Jaejoong has performed the rock songs using simple structure and focusing on his voice. On the other hand, “Healing for Myself”describes Kim Jaejoong’s past relationship, “I had already bought a ring to gift my girlfriend at the time, but she left before even seeing the ring.”

In the music video of “Mine”, Kim Jaejoong appeared in a dark and gothic style, using symbolic elements such as canine, owls and wolfs as well as very strong lyrics to describe the lights and darkness he has seen in the past years, his desire to break free and hope to search for freedom. When talking about this, he smiled shyly, “I had been thinking about the style of this album for a long time, and in the end I decided to display an image where a dark demon and an angel coexist, and I hope to give a visual shock to the fans who watched the music video.”

After the fanmeet and mini-concert at KINTEX in Korea on Jan 26th and 27th, Kim Jaejoong’s Asia Tour has begun. On the 17th of March, Jaejoong will be performing the first tour event in China at Shanghai. He said, “I really like China and am learning Chinese right now, hoping to have a little bit more interaction with the fans and become closer with them…even though Chinese is a bit hard to learn.”

Source: 腾讯娱乐 (www.ent.qq.com)
Translation Credit: G.fanns of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


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