[PICS] 130316 Press Conference of Kim Jaejoong’s Concert FM in Shanghai

 photo 82344eed2e738bd4972a1638a08b87d6277ff934.jpg

 photo 23099a510fb30f24b8c8480ac995d143ac4b03ed.jpg

 photo 6181253fb80e7becc682a7e82e2eb9389a506bdb.jpg

 photo 35a24b4a20a4462347b7016b9922720e0cf3d73e.jpg

 photo 765da7cc7cd98d108f3ea938203fb80e7aec9055.jpg

 photo 745555373.jpg

 photo 745555383.jpg

 photo 745555368.jpg

 photo 745555389.jpg
 photo 022fa00f4bfbfbed73a8bc7679f0f736aec31f42.jpg

 photo 1742d1628535e5dd8a8b2fd677c6a7efcf1b6290.jpg

 photo d59005e93901213fd907bbd555e736d12f2e9507.jpg

Pics Credits: As tagged + 网易娱乐 + SINA + Baidu
Shared by: JYJ3


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