TWITTER] 130721 Jaejoong Twitter Update 2: Jaejoong Continues to be Poetic

 photo 130721jjtw2.png

[TRANS] Waiting can make you endure many more..
can make you see farther..
can make you have bright eyes in the dark.
JYJ3′s Note: this is a quote from the book “Letters From Prison” / “Reflections From Prison” (1988) by author and activist Shin Young-Bok.

 photo 130721jjtw3.png

[TRANS] Ah.. Finally, I cried in a second after reading this page..
“In the corner that we have walked in each of our life, someone who goes to see you off the longest and farthest is our family.”
JYJ3′s Note: this quote is from a book by author Kwon Mi-Kyung titled “아랫목” (2005). 아랫목 is a warmer part of an ondol floor, which is a heating system used in traditional homes in Korea.

 photo 130721jjtw4.png

[TRANS] Family.. has various meanings..
The common things that we have felt in this world as a human.. not belong to anything
Not to talk about justified reasons such as nation, blood relations or something..
Anyway, the most significant thing is..
Now I’m really thankful to my family..

 photo 130721jjtw5.png

[TRANS] I like it.. If it’s only one or a hundred.
If he/she is only one or they are a hundred, you just should take care of your business..

 photo 130721jjtw6.png

[TRANS] Did you already risk your life because of matters like these things today?

[**Translator’s Note: Honestly, I don’t understand his last two tweets..ㅠㅠ
I just translated them literally..ㅜㅜ ]

Source: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by: @theyoungestmin
Shared by: JYJ3


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