[FAN ACCOUNT] 121203 This is the story of a fan who loves Kim Jaejoong

Fan account of a Jae fan where she met another Jae fan^^

(This is the story of a fan who loves Jae)

While waiting to collect my luggage yesterday at the airport, I got a call from my friend. As my handphone was inside the jacket I had earlier removed, it took me a while to take it out and answered it. Hence my ringtone which was “Choi Hyun’s 사랑…사랑” rang for a long time.

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[FAN ACCOUNT] 121117 A fan went to watch “Code Name: Jackal” at the Cinema

Fan account of a fan watching “Codename: Jackal” on 17 Nov 2012:

Before the cast arrived, there were about 10-20 army guys in the cinema going to watch a movie.
I think they were probably not there for “Jackal”

When the cast and Jae arrived, fans who gathered there immediately rushed towards him. Surprisingly, those army guys also did the same. ^_^
I thought they were there to support and to watch SJH, the female lead.

Then I heard a commotion.
“Waa daebak! Really handsome! Waa, really really handsome! Waa too handsome!”
The army guys were seen laughing and slapping each other’s shoulders and arms, total chaotic.

Then I realised, they couldn’t be talking about SJH coz we don’t call a woman “handsome”.
hahaha~ they should be referring to Jae.

They were all army guy but their reactions are just like fans seeing their idols! LOL

Source: KJJ DC Gall
Credit: Yoyo_0721 via JJ baidu bar
English Translation: ShadowJaeJes

[FAN ACCOUNT] 121103 Compilation of Tweets from Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • During the presscon they explained that Jaejoong is really sick. Doctor forbid him to go but he doesn’t want to disappoint his fans (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Inside venue pic.twitter.com/GIWZIvdy  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • It’s about to start.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • There was a commotion. People were moving to the front seats including kitty  (via @KJJ_INA)
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[FAN ACCOUNT] 121023 Kim Jaejoong FM in Bangkok: “…He remained one of the most humble artists as always“

Venue: Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon
Organizer: 411 Entertainment
Time: 6.00 – 9.00 pm.

Let me start by saying that this has been one of the best days of my life and I was not exaggerating ^^ I arrived at the Siam Paragon around noon and saw a lot of fans were already frocking in groups in front of the venue. The official goods will be open for sale roughly that time, so people began queuing in lines. There were 4 fan booths set up at the venue – one from Maze, two others were from RockJJ and a fan group (whose name I can’t remember) and the last one was from JYJBox. ‘

Excitement was in the air. Fans spent their afternoon there and took turns taking photos with Jaejoong’s banners and standees. I saw a lot of ahjumma fans there and there was even a father who came with his daughters. Also spotted another Japanese fan wearing a full-on kimino. The sight made me really happy.

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[FAN ACCOUNT] 121023 Compilation of Tweets from Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Bangkok, Thailand

  • Organizer just announced that fans wearing shirts from other bands unrelated to JYJ will not be allowed up on stage (Cr: Lookkaew_SK)
  • Thousands of fans are queuing to meet Kim Jaejoong  (Cr: 3rebelangels)
  • Fans are still entering the venue. Royal anthem’s already been played. “Get out” as BG music right now – we’re abt to start (Cr: Lookkaew_SK)
  • Teaser is up there!!! >_<~ So cute!!!  (Cr: 3rebelangels)
  • JJ is coming with smile on his face with Ost. Dr. Jin  (Cr: 3rebelangels)
  • JJ came out singing “Living like a Dream” in full-on suit!! >_< (Cr: Lookkaew_SK)
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[FAN ACCOUNT] 121012 Junsu was spotted in Jaejoong’s newly opened coffee shop ‘Coffee Cojjee’

Junsu was spotted in Jaejoong’s newly opened coffee shop ‘Coffee Cojjee’ on Oct,12th ^^ (No pictures taken)

“@ l215thexiahtic: 지인이 아까방금 커피코지가서 준수오빠를 봤다하지만 ..”
TRANS:  Though (fan’s name) just went now to Coffee Cojjee and said she saw Junsu..

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