[PIC+INFO] 130301 Jaejoong Sends Flower Bouquet to the Opening of PABLO’s Restaurant in Shibuya, Japan

Jaejoong sent a flower bouquet to PABLO opening another restaurant in Shibuya (渋谷).
The other restaurant is in Osaka.


Credit: @kjj_crue
Info Credit: Ruby of JYJ3
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[INFO] 130127 Kim Jaejoong tops HANTEO Weekly Album Chart with “I” Mini-Album + Cumulative Sales

[INFO] Kim Jaejoong tops HANTEO Weekly Album Chart with “I” Mini-Album

Week: 2013.01.21 – 2013.01.27

** Kim Jaejoong 1st Mini-album topped the chart for the 2nd week of release, he previously topped the 1st week, more information here.
** The Hanteo Chart is one of the biggest physical album-sale monitoring Charts in Korea.

Source: HANTEO
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[TRANS] 130127 Compilation of Tweets from Jaejoong’s “Your, My, & Mine” Concert and Fanmeeting (Day 2)

JYJ3 Note: Some guests mentioned to be at the concert is not 100% confirmed


  • Omg haha licks fingers
  • He did the six giyomi at first he lick each of his fingers. But he wasnt able to finish it. Hid behind the boards lol.
  • He kissed each finger instead
  • A boy just said i love you to jj. Haha. Hugged by a long time Continue reading

[TRANS] 130126 Compilation of Tweets from Jaejoong’s “Your, My, & Mine” Concert and Fanmeeting (Day 1)


  • Singing happy bday to jj
  • He is in the cake lolllll
  • Bodyguard oppa is ready to assist jj
  • To get out of the cake lol
  • Mc is boom
  • They are bringing the msg board on stage
  • A staff told me not to use phone
  • The japanese has an audio translator so they can participate in the game~^^
  • What is the spelling of jj’s twitter name Continue reading

[INFO] 121226 C-jes News Update: Kim Jaejoong’s First Solo Mini-Album & Concerts

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album will be released on Jan. 17th; and there will be two special concerts on Jan. 26th & 27th
“Your, My and Mine” is the ongoing title of the concerts for Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album to be held in commemoration of his birthday.

The concerts will be divided into 3 parts;
incorporating fresh concepts into both of Jaejoong’s live concerts and fanmeetings together.

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[TRANS] 121223 Kim Jaejoong noona fans donated 10M KRW to Beautiful Foundation to improve facillities for children’s school meals


Fans of popular group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong have donated 10.8M KRW(~10K USD) to Beautiful Foundation to improve facilities for children’s school meals.

Last Dec 22 around 2 pm, members of Kim Jaejoong’s fansite ‘Prickly noonas of HEROSE’ went to Beautiful Foundation to donate 10.8M KRW in support of “I Disagree’, a campaign against the unfair prices of school meals for institutionalized children.

“I Disagree” is a campaign that states that the price of school meals provided by the Department of Health and Human Services Advisory to children in need costs less than half of the 3,500 KRW (3.25 USD) budget. The campaign aims for a change in government policy in the future. Currently, the meal is priced at 1,420 KRW (1.32 USD). The proceeds from their sales of fangoods were collected and donated under the name “Hero’s goods” (Hero being Kim Jaejoong’s character).

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[VIDEO+TRANS] Y-Star: Kim Jaejoong holds the record of largest rice donation from fans

Translation: “The celebrity recorded with the largest amount on one event is Kim Jaejoong. At the press conference of MBC Dr Jin, fans from over 30 countries around the world sent a total of 23.68 tons of rice wreath. The Lotte Hotel lobby was almost full, and due to the lack of space, we didn’t accept anymore orders. It was the largest amount as far as I remember.” (Noh Seung-Gu, representative of rice wreath supplier).

Credit: jaef126
Translation: pvtse of JYJ3
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