[TWITTER] 130723 Jaejoong Twitter Update

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“You don’t happen to gain confidence just because you clench your teeth and get determined to have it. You’ll have it unknowingly as you gradually build your inner beauty. One odd thing is that the more you try to fill yourself with inner beauty, the more confident you become and tenderness along with modesty will grow inside you.”
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TWITTER] 130721 Jaejoong Twitter Update 2: Jaejoong Continues to be Poetic

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[TRANS] Waiting can make you endure many more..
can make you see farther..
can make you have bright eyes in the dark.
JYJ3′s Note: this is a quote from the book “Letters From Prison” / “Reflections From Prison” (1988) by author and activist Shin Young-Bok.

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[TRANS] Ah.. Finally, I cried in a second after reading this page..
“In the corner that we have walked in each of our life, someone who goes to see you off the longest and farthest is our family.”
JYJ3′s Note: this quote is from a book by author Kwon Mi-Kyung titled “아랫목” (2005). 아랫목 is a warmer part of an ondol floor, which is a heating system used in traditional homes in Korea. Continue reading

[NEWS] 130318 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Treats Fans to a 180-Minute Feast at Fan Meeting

A delicacy is defined as a highly quality food made of only the finest ingredients. It’s fair to say that JYJ member Kim Jae Joong’s Shanghai fan meeting and concert was a delicacy, as he treated fans to a scrumptious feast.

Kim Jae Joong held a fan meeting and concert on his Your, My and Mine Asia tour at the Shanghai Gymnasium on March 17. The show, which gathered 5,000 passionate fans, was split into three parts, ‘Your,’ part one of the fan meeting, ‘My,’ part two of the fan meeting, and ‘Mine,’ the mini concert. Fans took part in the 180-minute event, which revealed aspects of Kim Jae Joong not as a JYJ member but as an artist. Continue reading

[NEWS] 130318 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Says He’s Happiest When With Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu

JYJ member Kim Jae Joong recently reaffirmed his affections for his fellow members Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu.

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When asked about the happiest and saddest moments of his 10-year career, Kim Jae Joong said with a smile, “There were so many happy moments.” He continued, “What immediately comes to mind is that I can’t be without the members; my happiest moment was when I realized how precious the members are [to me].”

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