Facts about Jaejoong

100 Questions & Answers

1.) Name: Kim Jaejoong

2.) Birthdate: January 26

3.) Address: Someplace in Seoul

4.) Blood type: O

5.) Height: 177 cm

6.) Weight: 63 kg

7.) Shoe size: 275 mm

8.) Personality: Bright I guess? (People say I don have a very good first impression.)

9.) Dream: To be a famous and respected singer, and to have my name remember for a while.

10.) Specialties: Singing, Staying awake, walking, thinking, playing and playing the 3.6.9 game.

11.) Hobbies: My specialties are my hobbies

12.) My idol: A person like HK

13.) Celebrities you likes: MILK?s Yumi, Shinhwa?s Junjin, Yoo Youngjin, Hwanhee, Hweesung.

14.) Fav Flower: Lily

15.) I want to go out with this kind of person: Kangta

16.) Fav. Fruit: Bananas and apples

17.) People you don like: Someone who thinks they are all that.

18.) Fav comic book: I like most of the ones I read but my absolute fav is DRAGON BALL!

19.) What I worried about: Secret

20.) Sleeping out: Il let you make up on your own.

21.) Alcohol tolerance: around 4 bottles, but depends how fast I drink them

22.) First love: First year of MS

23.) Someone I respect: parents, Yoo Youngjin, Hwanhee and Hyesung

24.) Sport I good at: Running

25.) Fav song: I have too many

26.) Number of blind dates youe gone on: 3

27.) When I look the best: When I stayed up for a day

28.) Person Ie liked the best out of all the people Ie gone out with: ?hm?

29.) Fav number: 2 and 7

30.) Prized Possession: my parents

31.) Lowest ranking: what do you mean?

32.) Religion: atheist

33.) What I think when looking in the mirror: MOMMY!

34.) Fav color: black and white

35.) Good thing about myself: Im nice, but I think my first impression IS bad.

36.) Bad thing about myself: my first impression is bad.

37.) Drinking habits: I think a lot of myself

39.) On a rainy day I want to go outside and get wet?: No~! I want to sleep

40.) Things I cook well: Im good at cooking in general.

41.) Something I want to do right now: I want to go home and wash up.

42.) Foreign language Im good at: Chinese

43.) Something I want to do with the person I love: Walk near the river holding hands.

44.) A present I want to give the person I love: A piggyback ride near the river.

45.) Things I want: I have too much I want.

46.) If you met a boyfriend from the past: ?boyfriend??

47.) A present I want to receive from the person I love: Love and more love!

48.) Phone greeting: I can type in what I want. I broke it.

49.) Ringtone:

50.) Caller rings: TT0TT!!

51.) If you found 1 million dollars on the road: Il leave a 1000 dollars and pick up the rest to save.

52.) Habits: thinking, laying down.

53.) Sleeping habits: I sleep on my belly.

54.) What I wearing as of now: White beater and jeans.

55.) I want to die when: I don have the nerve in me to kill myself so I think I just go one suffering.

56.) Something I want to do right now: I want to debut!

56.) How many times have you received flowers from a person of the different gender: Do you mean given: is this a quiz for girls?

57.) Where I want surgery: ?what?

58.) My charm: If I get closer to someone, that person can depend on me.

59.) What people think of me: It all different.

60.) Someone I say a lot: Let save!!!

61.) What Im scared of: cockroaches

62.) When I was most hurt: When I had a Jangyum

63.) When I feel the happiest: When I say something nice to my parents

64.) What I do when Im scared: I sing.

65.) When have you given chocolates to someone for valentines day: once in MS.

66.) What I do when Im stressed: I listen to music.

67.) What I like to eat when I drink: Soup and casseroles.

68.) What I do when I mad: I hit things!!!

69.) Things I cant eat: Dog.

70.) Time I get to school: ?.

71.) Something I want to learn: acting.

72.) What I do when there is someone I dont like: Ignore them.

73.) When I was the happiest in my life: When I had my first rehearsal in SM.

74.) What I think of money: It doesn grow on trees.

75.) If the person you love ended up loving someone else: Il let them go because there must be something they don like about me.

76.) Most recent time I cried: ??

77.) Sunshine or Moonlight: Moonlight.

78.) First kiss: 6th year of EM.

79.) If someone I broke up with wanted to get back: Il think about it.

80.) Favorite person of a different race I like: I like Koreans.

81.) My most favorite thing I own: I guess my clothes.

82.) How long I can wait for someone: 3 hours.

83.) When I was most disappointed: too long to write down.

84.) Your monthly allowance: 3 or 4 dollars.

85.) Fav animals: Dogs.

86.) Fav. Season: Spring

87.) Most memorable date: ?.hm?

88.) What I look at when I look at someone of the other gender: Everything.

90.) Nicknames: Boojaejoong.

92.) Love is?: ?like a drug

93.) When I know the person I love has changed: When the things they do change.

94.) What I don like when I going out with someone: ?..

95.) What I like the most about myself: Skin

96.) A wish for this year: I hope everything I do ends up well.

100.) Last thing you want to say: Im done! I can finally go home!!

Random Jaejoong Facts
credit to illicit!love.*@soompi

◦ He has a birthmark on his neck.
◦ He feels like a woman when Yunho touches him.
– jinny thinks lmao. YUNJAE is SO REAL! *_* /gets shot.
◦ He has a phobia of coke, because once, he was entering a coca cola drinking contest and he fainted after drinking cola. Hence, he is now scared of it.
◦ He donated blood for their cookies.. because he didnt have enough money for food back then.
◦ Jaejoong naturally doesn’t have pit hair (well very very little). He said he shaved to make it grow, but it just doesn’t grow.
◦ Jaejoong was a Chinese Soldier extra in the movie Tae Guk Gi, Brotherhood of War
◦ Jaejoong likes texting the members when they’re not with him. he’s constantly worried about them
– and LOVES using gazillion smiley faces in his text! (:
◦ before debut , Kim JaeJoong bought Kim Ki Bum ( from Super Junior , I guess. ) and Changmin alcohol, but they were caught by the manager because they came in later.
– on xman. and he called it “bitter cola” lmao.
◦ afraid of water cause he can’t swim.
◦ likes to wear his ring on his fourth finger and feels uncomfortable when it is on other fingers
– though these days jaejae has been wearing it on his index finger..??
◦ taught himself how to play the piano
– REALLLLLY?! *_* DANGGGGGGGG. and jaejae sounds SO AMAZING too! *cries*
◦ has a thing for the Han River; his ideal date is walking near the han river and when he’s stressed, he likes to listen to music at the han river
◦ has eight sisters and he’s adopted
– and i think he looks actuallly prettier than all his 7 older sisters! 8D
◦ shares clothes with yoochun AND they both get to choose costumes before the other members when performing
◦ can’t trust himself with dating younger girls because he has never taken care of a girl younger than him
– really? b-buttt he’s BAND!umma! D:
◦ only likes women his age or older
◦ loves the mirror and the color black
– of course jaejae loves mirror. gosh. he’s such a camera!wh*re! ;D
◦ wanted to be the owner of a super market
◦ wants to visit SWITZERLAND (:
◦ likes beaches // rivers
◦ very shy and sensitive
◦ good at history in school
◦ wears eyemasks to sleep
◦ has a thing for elephants
– askdfljalsjfafd remembered yunho giving him a pink elephant ♥
◦ hates loud noises
◦ Micky doesn’t like being hot. He sleeps with the AC/Fan on even when it’s winter. Jaejoong is the one who has to suffer since they share the same room

◦ doesn’t have to be pretty
◦ has to have pretty hands and feet
◦ probably will end up marrying a FAN (:
◦ not very picky with girls
◦ his mommy wants him to bring home a baby
◦ his ideal type of a girl is someone who LOOKS very innocent in the outside , but is actually very dirty inside
◦ if he likes someone , he’ll become detached to her , probably cause he’s nervous

◦ as you should know, he has a dog named VICK , a great pyrenees. His name comes from Jae’s nickname which is “VISUAL SHOCK” so he made it shorter to VICK
◦ drives a dark blue LEXUS IS
◦ thinks that cook formed in a pretty way would taste better
◦ taught how to drink by his MOTHER , because his father wasn’t a strong drinker
◦ wants to be in TVXQ FOREVER, or until health screws him up
– last part made me cry! D: but yesss. DBSK FOREVER and EVER.
◦ likes to eat cereal at night
– are you sure? i believe it’s pretty much ANY TIME of the day since during DBSK HOUR TOUR he was the one eating cereal ;D lol
◦ fast text messager
◦ likes to watch foreign movies and fantisize about the female lead
◦ has an honest personality (: , very blunt as well.
◦ shares underwear with junsu
◦ makes funny faces in his sleep (:
◦ takes secret, weird pictures of his members =| — FOR MEMORIES.
◦ only believed in santa until the fourth grade
◦ after filming their banjun drama ” DANGEROUS LOVE ” , yunho and jae couldn’t talk to each other for three or four days
– oohhh. (:
◦ tends to talk randomly and burst out laughing when he’s excited or nervous

More trivia: from Mentos @ soompi:

◦ Jaejoong is paranoid about what other people think about him (which explains a lot about why he is so careful about his hair, the clothes he wears, and covering his smile while laughing <– used to, anyway).
◦ Jaejoong has the most celebrity friends out of the other Dong Bang members.
◦ He’s the biggest drinker out of the group.
◦ Jaejoong has the odd personality that stands out amongst the others which is why MC Yoo is constantly praising Jaejoong for his ‘variety show’ quality (did that even make sense? Eh, it’s late right now).
◦ He loves Gucci.
◦ Jaejoong said that his face is naturally big, so he’s constantly managing his diet so his face won’t “blow up” (he’s got a big head, too).
◦ You all probably know this but Jaejoong makes facial expression while asleep.
◦ Jaejoong has 11 piercings (including nipple and naval piercings).
◦ Jaejoong is best friends with BoA and they both like to talk about their boyfriend/girlfriend ideals/qualities with each other (ladies, relax, they are simply platonic– so don’t feel threatened by BoA).
◦ Jaejoong wants to start a diary on the day he and his girlfriend go out so that after their wedding, they can read through the diary together to share the good memories, what Jaejoong thought about a certain event, and if they fought, how they can learn from it (isn’t that romantic?).
◦ Jaejoong doesn’t like setting up BIG events for his girlfriend because he thinks it is cheesy. He prefers something humble and not so cliche.
◦ Jaejoong wants to go to an island with his girlfriend as a getaway. Just the two of them.
◦ Jaejoong was afraid of heights (I don’t know if he still is now, which is why I said, ‘was’. I remember seeing a clip of them at… Six Flags or Universal Studios? I don’t remember, but the other members went on this scary ride that was REALLY high off the ground and Jaejoong was the only one who stayed behind out of the five of them).
◦ Jaejoong joked that his parents’ home is a hotel because fans are constantly harassing his poor parents in hopes to get a glimpse of him or something psychos.
◦ Jaejoong’s longest relationship lasted 4 years!!! (he must be mad loyal!)
◦ Jaejoong likes to trim his own hair (like, the bangs and such). So the stylists worry the least with his hair, I’m guessing xP haha.
◦ Junsu was the one who challenged Jaejoong to dye his hair platinum blonde for their ‘O J.B.H.’ concept.
◦ Jaejoong endorsed clothing brands such as ::Codes Combine::, Polham, Banc (and that’s all I remember, LOL).
◦ In Jaejoong’s phone, Yunho’s contact name is listed as “Our Lovely Yunho” while the other members are just “Our Junsu/Changmin/Yoochun”.
◦ Jaejoong had a crush on his History teacher. (I forget what grade but he admits it on Star King).
◦ Jaejoong is the nosiest member, constantly texting or calling his fellow bandmates when they’re on break and all decide to split. (I think this kind of backs up his odd behavior of taking the group members’ pictures while they’re least expecting it– namely in the bathroom).

Hello, I am Youngwoong Jaejoong, a member of DBSG. My name, Youngwoong Jaejoong means to try my best and also it means Hero. I was born on 1/26/1986. I am the only guy in my family filled with 8 older sisters. I am also the youngest one in my family, so I get a lot of love from my sisters. You guys might not believe this, but I wasnt a good singer when I was young. My singing was horrible. My friends made fun of me, so I praticed and praticed. That’s how I became a good singer now. Thats how I became a member of DBSG. I really appreciate all the help people gave me. I will always try my best. Please look out for us and please cheer for us too. Thank you.

the jaejoong dictionary
JAELOGY – The study of Jaejoong
JAEROTIC: the state of being erotic because of jae.

JOONGIENIZED: easily influence by every single jae’s action.
JAECATWALK: the name of his smexy walking style
JAEHITIES: a very dangeours disease that will only affect to Jae’s fans
JAEPOUT: the name of his smexy lips~ when he’s angry or dorky~
JAEDORK: the name for Jae when he’s going dorky
JAEPHOBIA: fear caused when being deprived from Jae
JAEDOPHILE: any seductive pose or whatever from him that makes us wanna rape him
JAEGOTISM: Jae’s preoccupation with self
JAELECTRIED: Jae’s magic trick you make you love him (Leny: what a lame meaning) tongue.gif)
JAENERGY: A Super energy that only Jae can give you to light up your day!
JAESOMNIA: a Jae’s syndrome that can’t make u sleep~
JAEDDICTIVE: a Jae’s syndrome where you can’t live without him~
JAENOTOMY: the study about jae every part of his body
JAEVINCI: the art study about jae’s pose
JAEMAGE: any damage, be it metal, physical, brain, u name it all damage caused by jae
JAEURGE: the sudden urge to scream/jump/etc from seeing Jae’s hotness
JAEHOT: a condition that leaves your tongue and tummy hot like after eating tom yam soup
JAEFEVER: refers to a condition that makes you lovesick after watching jae
JAENAMOR: It means when you are infatuated by Jae.
JAEVOLUTION: is expanding the “Jae love” towards more and more people so we can become a BIG JAE SUPREMACY
JAEJOONGers: a special nickname for Jae’s fans

credit: asianfanatics.net


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