[INTERVIEW Part II] 130127 JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Writes His Lyrics Based on True Stories

You wrote the lyrics for all five songs in your album, ′One Kiss′, ′Mine′, ′Healing for Myself′, ′You Fill Me Up′ and ′All Alone′. Are they all about your own experiences?

Healing for Myself, which has lyrics that speak of longing for a lost love, is based on a true story (Laugh). I′ve written about my own relationships ever since I started writing lyrics for TVXQ (DBSK), and my fans know that I′ve been using my own experiences for my lyrics. Of course, I need to have experienced love to be able to write about it (Laugh). I do sometimes write lyrics based on films, though.”


[INTERVIEW Part I] 130127 JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Talks about Prejudice Against Idol Members Taking On Rock

The public likes what they′re used to, as it takes time for them to recognize anything new and again settle down with the changes. This is why stars, who live off the love and interest of their fans, often listen more to their fans than themselves.

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[INTERVIEW] 121219 SSTV: Kim Jaejoong: “JiSung Hyung Looks Over All My Scripts”

If I could express my feelings it was as though they could be cut by a knife. In front of me was the man who had skin as white as snow and I wondered if it was just as cold as well. However his large eyes had a sense of ambiguity, as though they contained a mystery. I found myself becoming increasingly curious; who was this man, what kind of person was he?

This cool facade was the image of Kim Jaejoong that could be publicly seen. However when you talked to him it was a different story; the feeling around him was very relaxed and friendly, his warmth reminding you of how misleading appearances could be.

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[INTERVIEW] 121220 Kim Jaejoong “I was impressed by the words that Oh Dalsoo told me ‘Keep working as an actor’”

“As an actor, kiss scene and undressing scene are also the kind of work that I’ll have to do.”

Kim Jaejoong, a member of JYJ, challenged the film after the drama.

In ‘Code Name: Jackal’ that he was working with Song Jihyo, the junior of his company, he opened many kinds of charms that he had never shown before..

In that film, the most attractive scene of Jaejoong is the action scene in historical drama that Choi Hyun filmed with long hair.

– Honestly, I was surprised by kiss scene with Kim Sungryoung. Aren’t you afraid of your fans’ reaction?

▲ If I can’t do it because I’m afraid of my fans’ reaction, I think it’ll make me stop my growing as an actor. In the end, it’s the thing that I’ll have to do. I filmed it with the determination of everything I do..

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[INTERVIEW] 121214 Kim Jaejoong Who Settled Down As An Actor


Kim Jaejoong can never forget this year. Because it’s the year that he could settle down as an actor. He came into the spotlight through ‘Dr. Jin’ and he made the first step toward the screen through ‘Code Name Jackal’.
But, despite that he is busy, he keeps his eye on something. It’s ‘interior decoration’ of his house.

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[INTERVIEW] 121128 Kim Jaejoong the Lead in his First Screen Debut “How Can I Be Stuffed Only with the First Bite? Joongki, Wait For Me”


(Introductory statements & previously translated parts omitted.)

– What was your impression of seeing your face on the big screen?

The feeling was ‘Ah, I am appearing on the screen.’ And I was shy when my friends told me that they came to watch the movie. (laugh) My heart flutters more than when I am on stage as a singer because the audience is coming to the theater when I will not be there. Anyway, I felt a sense of pride when my parents encouraged me, saying “You worked hard.” I think my attitude is different when I act, perhaps because I engage myself in a piece having the heart as a rookie.

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[INTERVIEW] 121129 Kim Jaejoong: “I might die without those people”


(Introductory statements & previously translated parts omitted.)

Upon the news about the interview with Kim Jaejoong, a lot of his fans sent their questions they would like to know to Kim Jaejoong.

– How is living as Kim Jaejoong in South Korea?

It is really a bliss. The tough things I feel are what other celebrities also feel. The degree is similar. For my case, I think it is a bliss that I receive much economically and socially. It is grateful that I am working hard and doing what I love. Moreover, I am loved by so many for this.

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